Is Britney Spears the fastest human alive? Her recent Instagram post says so

If you were to answer who is the fastest person alive, chances are you would say Usain Bolt — the Olympian who, in 2009, set the world record for the 100 meter dash.  His record still stands at an astounding 9.58 seconds.

Well, Britney Spears claims to have shattered Bolt’s jaw dropping record by almost four seconds.

In a now-deleted Instagram post she uploaded Wednesday, the “Lucky” singer uploaded a photo of a timer that reads 5.97 seconds.

“Ran my first 5 !!!!,” Britney celebrated in the caption.  “Getting over your fear of pushing it in the beginning is key …. once I did that I hit 5!”

The 38-year-old elaborated that she usually runs “6 or 7 …. my first try was 9.”  That means, to put it bluntly, Britney’s first 100m dash shattered Bolt’s decade-long record.

“Whoop !!!!! 100 meter dash,” the singer cheerfully concluded. 

While her post was most likely meant to inspire her fans, it had the opposite effect as the confusion was palpable in the comments’ section.

Mostly, people struggled with the fact that, if Britney was being truthful, it means she runs twice as fast as the fastest man alive and also shattered the woman’s 100m world record, 10.49 seconds, which was set by Florence Griffith-Joyner in 1988 and remains unbroken to this day.

It also means that Britney is almost as fast as a cheetah.  In 2012, a cheetah named Sarah from the Cincinnati Zoo sprinted 100 meters in just 5.95 seconds, according to Live Science.  Sarah’s speed peaked at 61 mph.

But, if Britney really can run as fast as a cheetah and with the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo being postponed, it means she has plenty of time to try out for Team USA and bring home the gold in 2021.

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