Media Artwork

Style Guide: Logo Guidelines
Our logos: Below you will find a link for Regional Media brands, and event logos. They should never be changed or altered. If you need a custom version, please email our graphics designers at [email protected]

Using our logo: The clear-space rule
Our Logos are some of our most visible and valuable assets. Please respect them. Always position the logos for maximum impact and give it plenty of room to breathe. This will help to ensure our logo’s visibility and legibility. The minimum clear space for all Regional Media logos should be respected. Understanding the clear-space rule is essential, as it is also the standard for logo position and scale on most printed communications. In that regard, the clear space rule should be maintained as the logo is proportionately enlarged or reduced in size.

Minimum size: When reproducing our logos, be conscious of its size and legibility. Use common sense — a logo that is too small ceases to serve any useful communication function. Generally, our logo should never appear less than 1/2″ tall in printed materials, and no less than 36px tall in the digital realm.

In text: In text, Regional Media should appear as two words in upper- and lower-case with a capital “M” for Media and a capital “R” for Regional. In sentences, any Regional Media artwork is never to be used in place of text.


Do the Right Thing: All Regional Media logos has been carefully designed and should never be altered in any way. If you feel conflicted, please email [email protected]

Do not: Alter the marks and/or colors in any way.

  • Use any part of the marks, including the R, as part of another word.
  • Redesign, redraw, animate, modify, distort, or alter the proportions.
  • Surround the marks with—or place in the foreground over—a pattern or design.
  • Rotate or render the marks three-dimensionally.
  • Add words, images, or any other new elements to the logos.
  • Replace the approved typeface with any other typeface.
  • Enclose logos in a shape or combine with other design elements or effects.
  • Modify the size or position relationship of any element within the logos.
  • Add additional copy to any of the logos.