Tom Holland shares epic bottle toss video to show he misses “husband” Jake Gyllenhaal

(LOS ANGELES) — What’s a better way to show a friend you miss them than by telling them via an epic video of the two of you spending quality together? Nothing, because that’s exactly what Tom Holland did.

The 23-year-old actor shared a video of himself on a private jet with a few others, including his Spiderman co-star Jake Gyllenhaal, whom he shouts out in the caption by claiming he’s “Missing my husband.” 

In the clip, which was posted to Instagram on Tuesday, Holland takes on the bottle toss challenge, a challenge that requires the participant to throw a plastic bottle into the air so that it rotates and lands either on its base or cap.

To everyone’s, surprise, including his own, he successfully flips the bottle into the air and into a nearby cupholder. 

“What?!?” Gyllenhaal exclaimed in the background as Holland enthusiastically throws his hands up in the air.

While the two actors play enemies on-screen as Spiderman and Mysterio in the 2019 film Spiderman: Far From Home, the truth is quite the opposite.

They have forged quite the bromance, though they would rather call it a “straight-up romance” if it were up to them. 

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