‘The Bachelor’ recap: Peter and Madison make up, but his mom spoils the party

(LOS ANGELES) — Peter Weber’s emotional journey to find love ended on Tuesday’s The Bachelor season 24 finale; an episode that saw Peter and Madison giving their relationship another shot — to the disappointment of his parents.

The episode had enough twists and turns to leave even the most die-hard Bachelor fan’s head spinning.

With Madison now out of the picture, Peter is ready to pop the question to Hannah Ann, with her father’s blessing. It may be too late, however, as host Chris Harrison tells Peter that Hannah Ann — unaware of Madison departure and still very much upset over Peter’s admission that his heart was still torn between two women the night before — is having second thoughts about marrying him.

Hannah Ann ultimately gives in, and hears the words she’s been waiting to hear from Peter – “I love you” — along with a proposal.

Peter returns home to tell his family, who are overjoyed with the news — especially his mom, who is overcome with tears. In a video chat, they welcome her into the family with open arms.

The joy was sort-lived though, as Peter and Hannah Ann are later seen having an emotional conversation in which Peter reveals that he still hasn’t gotten over Madison and the engagement is off. In a gut-wrenching exchange, Peter tries to apologize, but Hannah Ann’s not having any of it, saying he took “the most precious moment” away from her.

It gets even worse for Peter during the live portion of the show when Hannah Ann gives him a piece of her mind and holds nothing back. She tells him she was “blindsided” by him not telling her until after the proposal that Madison had left.

She draws cheers from the studio audience with her parting words to Peter: “If you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man.”

In yet another surprising twist, Harrison — unbeknownst to Peter — visits Madison to tell her of the engagement and subsequent breakup. Madison reveals that she considers walking away from Peter a mistake and jumps at Harrison’s offer to fly her out to Los Angeles to try and hash things out with Peter.

After declaring their feelings for each other, the segment ends with Peter asking Madison, “What’s next?”

Back live, Madison and Peter are reunited once again where she reveals she’s still in love with him. Peter suggests they move forward with their relationship “one day at a time.”

Peter’s mom, seated in the audience with her husband, clearly doesn’t approve of the decision, explaining that while Hannah Ann ingratiated herself with the family, Madison kept them waiting for three hours before coming into their house, while never offering an apology for her tardiness. When pressed about if she was in love with Peter, Madison said she didn’t know. 

When offered a rebuttal to her potential future mother-in-law’s critique, Madison offers no apology. His mother reiterates her concern that the two are not compatible and her that son will have simply have to “fail to succeed.”

The comment is met with a mix of cheers and boos from the audience, while Peter’s assertion that they need to respect his decision is met with mostly cheers.

Season 25 of The Bachelor is set to return in January of 2021 on ABC.

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