‘The Bachelor’ recap: Madison deals Peter a devastating blow in first half of season finale

(LOS ANGELES) — On Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, Peter, Hannah Ann and Madison traveled to Alice Springs, Australia, where his family was waiting to meet the two finalists, and hopefully help him make the right decision as to which of them will be his future wife.  However, Madison is about to complicate things even more.

First in the hot seat was Hannah Ann, whom his mother thinks is “breathtakingly gorgeous,” but she’s more interested if she’s “the right girl.” 

Mom turns out to be a fan of Hannah Ann when addressing the camera, saying she’s “just so loving and caring.  I can feel the love that she has for my son, and that speaks volumes to me.”

Peter’s father is also pleased with Hannah Ann’s declaration that “This is more than just feelings, this is a future.”

When Madison meets Peter outside his parents’ house, he asks how she’s doing, to which Madison answers “not good.”  She explains that she still hasn’t gotten past her feelings about him being intimate with the other women, arguing that he put his feelings, needs and wants before hers.

“I literally looked into your eyes and I was like, if he gets down on one knee right now, I’m saying yes…I want to spend the rest of my life with him,” says Madison.  “And that night, I just felt like…the rug was taken.”

Peter counters by saying he “had someone that means the absolute world to me still hasn’t even told me how she feels about me, and is now [giving me] kind of like an ultimatum.”

Madison agrees to go inside and meet his parents, but the conversations do not go well, as Peter’s family thinks that while Madison is a great girl, she may not be the right one for Peter.  The issue that concerns them is how Madison’s deeply held religious beliefs align with Peter’s more liberal views.

When the interviews are over, Peter’s family clearly prefer Hannah Ann, especially his mother, who makes an emotional plea to him not to let Hannah Ann go.  Peter, however, is leaning towards Madison, arguing that the bond they share is strong enough to get them past their differences.

Unfortunately, Madison hands him a devastating blow the next day when, during their final date, she tells him that after some soul-searching, she now realizes their differences with respect to marriage, faith and lifestyles are too much for them to overcome.

Peter escorts her to an awaiting SUV, and she’s driven off — this time for good, or so it seems.  Host Chris Harrison teases that there is a third act for Madison.

Meanwhile, following Hannah Ann’s final date with Peter, she’s looking for a little more clarity about where things stand between the two of them.

“After having given and…given…I just want something in return,” says Hannah Ann.  “It’s hard being so certain and so sure of someone and just not getting that in return,” she explains. “You just seem not…completely there like I am.”

Peter thanks her for being there for him, but offers nothing more in the way of reassurance.

Who will Peter choose? 

“If you think you know how this is all going to end, get ready to have your mind blown,” Harrison promises at the end of the episode, adding that “Peter doesn’t even know how this is going to end.”

Part two of The Bachelor season 24 finale Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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