Sean at the Movies Episode Six Canyonlands Starring Steph Barkley

Canyonlands is a clever throwback horror movie with a very unique setting. Set in the hills of Moab, Utah, Canyonlands tells the story of a group of contest winners who are taking a rafting and hiking trip on their way to collecting a prize they’ve won. Leading the tour is an experience tour guide, played by Steph Barkley. Steph’s character has a serious aversion to this particular route through and around the hills of Moab, Utah. Steph had an accident in this area years earlier that resulted in people being killed, a fact that has been withheld from the contest winners. Once on the raft and making camp in the hills, the travelers and us are left confused and stranded in the darkness and the byzantine rock maze of Moab. Making things even scarier is a backwoods serial killer with a pick axe, greasy hair and bad teeth. Who survives? You will have to see Canyonlands for yourself to find out. On this 6th edition of Sean at the Movies I had the chance to talk with star Steph Barkley and Canyonlands director Brendan Devane about Canyonlands….


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