Patton Oswalt remembers fellow ‘Ratatouille’ star Brian Dennehy as the “best rat-dad a little chef could ask for”

(LOS ANGELES) — (NOTE LANGUAGE) Tony award-winning actor Brian Dennehy, best known for his roles in films including Tommy Boy, First Blood and Cocoon, passed away at the age of 81, his daughter confirmed on Twitter Thursday.

One of the first celebs to respond to the news was comedian Patton Oswalt, who played Remy the rat in the Oscar winning Disney/Pixar film Ratatouille. Dennehy voiced his father, Django.

But the pair were previously linked by an anecdote that became a classic bit for the stand-up comic, who recalled running into the actor at a lavish premiere party.

There was tons of food, as one would expect, but Oswalt was dieting at the time. “I’m walking around not eating anything, and miserable, the way movie stars are: miserable and thin.” It was there he met Dennehy, and Patton, who admitted being a fan, was surprised the elder actor took the time to talk to him at length before parting ways.

However, Oswalt’s willpower broke, and he guiltily started “shoveling” food into his mouth, the comic recalls. “And then Brian Dennehy comes up behind me like an archangel, puts his hand on my shoulder and goes, ‘Character actors. Who gives a f*** if we’re fat!’ and starts grabbing burgers.”

And that quote was repeated by Oswalt on Twitter, before he added, “You were the best rat-dad a little chef could ask for,” Oswalt tweeted. “Miss you, man.”

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