Matthew McConaughey shows you how to MacGyver your own facemask

(LOS ANGELES) — Matthew McConaughey has wowed us with various roles throughout his decades-spanning career, but the actor’s latest character has the potential to save lives.

The Oscar winner posted a video to social media of him as “Bobby Bandito,” a new persona he’s taken on to teach fans how to make their very own face masks using a few household items we likely already have: a bandanna, two rubber bands and a coffee filter.

“I say it’s high time to catch this killer, ’cause we got more living’ to do,” McConaughey says in the minute-long video after nailing a wanted poster for COVID-19 to a tree, Wild West style.

“Now remember, stay at home. But if you gotta go, strap it on like so,” he added, urging everyone to work together to defeat the coronavirus “Bobby B-style.”

In addition to filming PSAs like this, McConaughey and wife, Camila Alves, recently joined forces with Bethenny Frankel to donate protective masks to essential workers — including healthcare workers, police officers and firefighters — amid the pandemic.

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