Martha Stewart hilariously learns why drinking and Instagramming doesn’t mix

(NEW YORK) — We’ve all been there.  Sometimes, you’ve had just a little too much but still think you’re perfectly fine to interact with your friends on social media…until you read what you spouted off the following morning.  That exact scenario happened to none other than THE Martha Stewart.

The TV personality openly fessed up that she definitely was a little too spirited when discussing baby chicks on Instagram.

What happened is that a Texas-based hen house posted an adorable video on Saturday of their adorable clutch and lamented in the caption over how quickly they grow into chickens.

The video attracted the 78-year-old’s attention, who responded as such: “M as me sure you feed and wAter them daily And keep the heat lss as no BK in s as Nd when you can finally come back to nyc who is going to care for them??”

Based on the gist of her garbled message, it’s obvious her heart was in the right place.

However, instead of sheepishly deleting all traces of the bizarre exchange the next day, Stewart maintained a positive outlook and completely owned up to her shenanigans with a laugh.  “What a mess I have been drinking,” she freely admitted and included a crying laughing emoji.

The hen house played along on Wednesday, sharing a photo their hilarious exchange on Wednesday and expressed how much they appreciated Martha’s words.

“Thank you for a much needed laugh @marthastewart48 We all needed it,” they sweetly wrote.

That said, if you ever find yourself in a similar position as Martha, just do what she did — poke fun at yourself and don’t sweat over it.

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