Jeffrey Dean Morgan and wife Hilarie Burton explain their new reality show, ‘Friday Night in with the Morgans’

(NEW YORK) — The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his wife, actress Hilarie Burton, are using their quarantine time more productively than most. Hilarie has been sewing masks for facilities near their Upstate, New York farm, and the pair are collaborating on their own AMC TV show, Friday Night in with the Morgans, which debuts tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern. 

The spur-of-the-moment idea for the show came as a surprise even to Hilarie, the pair told ABC Audio via Skype. 

Morgan says he’d “just dropped off a bunch of masks that Hilarie had made for our hospital here. And I just had this idea that it might be a good way for us to check in with our friends…”

An email to AMC locked in the show right away. 

Hilarie recalls, “I got a text from somebody at the network that was like, “We heard about your show. That sounds fun!” And I found [Jeffrey] in our bedroom and was like, “What’s going on?”

Morgan laughs, “Yeah. Surprise. We’re going to do a show. And we had to film it in, like, four days.”

“I thought, well, hell. How hard can this be…And then L.A. sent me four crates of cameras and cables and sound gear and lights.” Burton added, “We can’t figure out how to use a printer.”

Morgan laughs, “I didn’t know where to do it because we’ve got kids and a dog barking and I got ducks sitting in front of me. And so I built a studio inside my garage, made it look homey. And that’s where we are shooting the show. It’s been nuts, to be completely honest, where we’re in way over our f***ing heads. And I think you’ll see that on the show.”

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