Ellen Pompeo’s old comments about Harvey Weinstein’s victims have come back to haunt her

(LOS ANGELES) — Here’s a good lesson about the internet: whatever you say on it is there forever.  Ellen Pompeo is finding that out the hard way after comments she once made about Harvey Weinstein’s victims recently came back to light.

E! News reports the Grey’s Anatomy star made the comments during a 2018 Q&A session with Oxford Union.  Interlaced between comments about pay inequality between actors and actresses, discrimination in the industry and her love of Grey’s is a comment she made about the Harvey Weinstein trial that, back then, was only in its infancy.

“I think we bear some responsibility, not all, but it takes two to tango for sure,” Pompeo remarks in the now-widely circulated minute clip.  “That’s not to blame the victim, that’s just to say… I did go into a room with Harvey Weinstein, I sat at a table with him, I had a probably two and a half hour with him.”

The 50-year-old actress, who was asked about the #MeToo movement goes on to detail that Weinstein, “Never said anything inappropriate to me, he never made any sort of physical advance to me.”

Pompeo then goes on to say she wasn’t left alone with him and that their meeting was during the day.  She does add that, had Weinstein done anything that he had been accused of to her, “I would have picked up that glass and smashed him across the side of the face with it.”

She also adds, “It’s all what we’re willing to tolerate in our self-esteem, and what are we going to put up with, and what are we going to compromise” because, after all, “How bad do we want to be in show business?”

She has not yet publicly addressed or commented on the matter.

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