Elizabeth Warren makes surprise appearance in ‘SNL’ cold open

(NEW YORK) — Following her decision to drop out of the presidential race on Thursday, Senator Elizabeth Warren made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live, joining Kate McKinnon for a cold open sketch about concerns over the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Warren, appearing as herself in the sketch, was interviewed by Kate McKinnon’s Laura Ingraham “via satellite.”

In response to McKinnon’s question about how she was doing since suspending her campaign, Warren said, “I’m doing just fine, my friends and family have been so supportive.  They’ve been calling nonstop, asking ‘are you okay?  What do you need?  Were you electable?’”

McKinnon’s Ingraham then told the Massachusetts senator that she ran “a memorable campaign,” then aired a clip of what she claimed was Warren debating Mike Bloomberg, but was, in reality, the viral video of Warren’s Golden Retriever Bailey stealing someone’s burrito.

“Were you the dog or the burrito,” asked Ingraham. “The dog,” Warren shot back.

When asked if she was endorsing either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, Warren quipped, “It’s tough, maybe I’ll just pull a New York Times and endorse them both.”  The Times famously endorsed both her and fellow senator, Amy Klobuchar as the Democratic nominee.

Warren then said she had no regrets with the way she ran her campaign, joking, “We built a wide coalition of teachers, preschool teachers, middle school teachers and teachers’ pets.  And not only did I not accept money from billionaires, I got to give one [Bloomberg] a swirly on live TV.

“But now, I’ve got time to do a little self-care,” she continued.  “Hanging out with my dog Bailey, prank-calling banks, drag-racing Subarus, avoiding Twitter…”

McKinnon, who plays the senator in SNL sketches, then appeared next to her wearing a matching outfit, thanking Warren “for all that you’ve done in your lifetime.”

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