Critics Tackle Amazon Prime’s New Series Upload from the Creators of The Office

Critic and podcast host Clint Worthington says, Upload, the new series debuting May 1st on Amazon Prime, has potential, but it has a way to go to get to be the show it appears it wants to be. Clint talked with our critic, Sean Kernan, about the new series from the creators of The Office and Parks and Recreation.

Read Clint’s review here at Consequence of Sound. 

Upload is a satirical look at a technological afterlife controlled by greedy corporations and a hapless man in a loveless relationship caught up in that corporate afterlife. The show has a tricky tone that combines corporate satire, will-they-won’t-they romance, and dark and irreverent humor regarding death. The show debuts today, Friday. May. Clint Worthington and  Sean Kernan each offer our take on the quality of Upload in this Exclusive Entertainment Podcast.

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