Clare Crawley will be the next star of ‘The Bachelorette’

(NEW YORK) — Good Morning America revealed Monday that Clare Crawley will be the new “Bachelorette” for the show’s 16th season!

“I just found out!” a thrilled Clare told GMA’s Lara Spencer after the show broke the big news.

You may remember Crawley, 38, from Juan Pablo Galavis’ season 18 of The Bachelor. She was first introduced to Bachelor Nation when she arrived at the mansion with a fake baby bump.

Right off the bat, she and Galavis had undeniable chemistry, but it ultimately didn’t work out between the two.

Many may recall moments during the season of Galavis treating Crawley horribly and leaving her to constantly question her self-worth, including a very awkward conversation in which Galavis shamed Crawley for sharing a steamy moment with him in the ocean on television.

By the finale, Crawley realized that the man standing in front of her was a reflection of relationships past and ultimately gave Galavis a piece of her mind. Women all across America cheered when she famously stood up to Galavis in the final episode.

Crawley gave love another chance on seasons one and two of Bachelor in Paradise, and she also returned for Bachelor Winter Games. There, she met Benoit, the charming romantic with the French accent from The Bachelorette Canada.

Benoit ended up proposing to Crawley during the Winter Games finale, but they both realized that marriage wouldn’t work out.

When Clare’s not looking for love, the California native from Sacramento works as a hairstylist and enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Elby and Honey, doing yoga, and hiking with friends.

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