‘Big Time Adolescence’ star Griffin Gluck talks bonding with Pete Davidson and crowd surfing with Machine Gun Kelly

(NEW YORK) — In the new coming-of-age comedy Big Time Adolescence, Pete Davidson plays Zeke, a not-so-great role model to an impressionable teen named Mo, played by Griffin Gluck.

Gluck tells ABC Audio the two bonded off screen as well — and were probably more similar to their characters than they’d like to admit.

“I would say definitely this movie was one of my favorites to film because of how much fun we had off set,” Gluck says. “We definitely fell into our characters. Jason [Orley], the director, jokes that he’s slowly watching the script come to life with Pete and I. Which is hilarious. And I want to say that it’s not true, but it probably is.”

The film’s young cast also features rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Gluck recalls that one weekend after shooting, the cast took a road trip to watch MGK perform at a music festival in Ohio.

“He brought me on stage and announced to 7,500 people that I had never crowd surfed before, and he gassed me up and I was shaking, my nerves were going crazy and he was like, ‘All right, now go in!’” Gluck says. “And I was like, ‘OK, let’s go!’ And so he put me up on a rail and just tossed me into this crowd.”

Big Time Adolescence hits theaters March 13 and launches on Hulu March 20.

“I feel like there’s something there for everyone,” Gluck says of the film. “There’s something there for every demographic. Someone’s going to take something away from this, even if it’s just what friendship is.”

Gluck can also be seen in the Netflix series, Locke & Key.

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