Anthony Daniels talks Star Wars and “armor bites” in new memoir ‘I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story’

(NEW YORK) — For millions of people, staying home because of the COVID-19 coronavirus means finally being able to settle down with a good book, and for Star Wars fans, one option is star Anthony Daniels’ new memoir. 

I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story not only gives, as its name cleverly suggests, an inside look at the making of all of the Star Wars films in which Daniels played a part , but also what it was like to be literally inside the golden droid costume he brought to life.  

Daniels was bolted into the confining suit to portray Threepio, in the unforgiving heat of Tunisia and other punishing climates, and rendered nearly blind on set thanks to a field of vision hampered by the costume’s head mask and glowing eyes.

And then there was a malady shared by the actors who played the white-armored Stormtroopers in the original films in that galaxy far, far away — what real-life Star Wars cosplayers have dubbed “armor bites.”

Daniels explains, “‘Armor bites’ is a good way of putting it: It’s the scissor effect of, shall we say, the forearm and the upper arm coming together in the elbow joint and just taking a little bit of flesh and squeezing it like a nutcracker.  Fabulous.”

The actor has become an ambassador for the saga in the years since he first hit the big screen. 

“I think quite early on, Lucasfilm…realized that I do have slight ambassadorial skills to introduce a program or a show…and that has given me great joy!” he says.  “Because I’m the kind of, no pun, but I’m the human face of the movies [to whom] people can…say, ‘Thank you for everything."”

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