Amy Schumer takes her son Gene on an adorable social distance visit to her dad

Amy Schumer is doing her part to keep her loved ones safe from the COVID-19 coronavirus, even if it means spending time physically apart.  However, she found a creative way to still have that cherished one-on-one time with her dad, Gordon.

The 39-year-old brought smiles to her Instagram followers’ faces on Tuesday when she showed off how she and her 10-month-old son Gene said hello to her dad from afar.

The video shows a beaming Amy waving around an adorable handwritten sign that reads “Hi Grandpa! We love you!” outside her father’s New York City building.  The mother-son duo are dressed snugly in their sweat suits and heavy winter jackets, with Gene even sporting a white cap.

The camera then pans over to Gordon, who’s fondly watching his daughter and grandson safely from his window.

That wasn’t the only heartwarming video the comedian posted to her Instagram on Tuesday.  A few hours later, she proudly showed off how enthusiastically her neighborhood cheers the doctors and nurses leaving their 7 p.m. hospital shift.

Despite Amy being many stories up, the noise of the thunderous celebration — complete with applause, ringing bells and whistling — is clearly heard.   The video also shows that some people climb onto their roofs to get better glimpses of the heroes that are braving the front lines against COVID-19.

Schumer also shows her gratitude for the healthcare workers by shouting atop of her lungs and clapping.

The fervent cheering still continues even as the video ends.

New York City is one of the hardest-hit areas in the U.S. with 41,771 confirmed cases and 1,096 deaths.

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